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Connecting the World of Beauty


Easiest Way to Discover & Search Beauty Tips

No more aimlessly searching the Web looking for hair tutorials, makeup tips,
skincare advice, nail art inspiration, etc. Bellashoot categorizes beauty
information & makes it easy for you to learn and be inspired by the best in beauty.

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Eye Makeup
Discover slider dark lips
Dark Lips
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Crown Braid
Discover slider eyeliner
Discover slider highlight
Discover slider mascara

A Fun Way to Share Beauty Advice with Friends

Simply upload and share your favorite beauty products, makeup tutorials,
nail inspirations, hairstyles, DIY beauty recipes and more!

  • Upload a Beauty Tip!

    You can share a beauty photo,
    a helpful beauty article you just read or
    your favorite YouTube beauty tutorial.

  • Tag Your Products!

    Help your followers discover great
    beauty products! Quickly search
    and tag products used or mentioned.

  • Share with Friends!

    Share your amazing
    beauty tips with your Bella
    followers & other social networks.

Never Lose Another Beauty Tip or Tutorial Again

Bellashoot makes it easy to remember your favorite beauty tips when you need
them the most. Getting ready for date-night, having a bad hair day, rushing to a
salon appointment, just pull up your collections and get help on the go.

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