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Steps: 1. Take a light colored eye pencil (gray or white), and cut your crease. It doesn't have to be too neat because you'll be covering it up eventually. 2. Apply a light matte brown (or cream) eye shadow to your crease and blend it up towards the brow. This is your transition color. 3. Taking a pencil brush, apply a matte black eye shadow to the outer third of your cut crease (directly above the line you just drew.) 4. Taking a clean pencil brush, blend that black eyeshadow you just applied to your outer crease, towards the inner corner of your crease. 5. Taking your pencil brush again, apply a small line from the outer corner of your eye dragging it up towards the outer corner of your crease. 6. Taking a medium matte brown eyeshadow apply this above the black in your crease blending the two colors together. 7. Go back and forth between the matte black and the matte brown appling a small amount of each until you get a smooth transition between the two shades. 8. Apply the black matte eyeshadow to your lower lash line meeting this up to the line you created in the outer corner of your eye. Blend this out using the brush or your finger. 9. Taking a silver eyeshadow, apply it wet to your entire lid. (You can use water, contact solution, visine, or even a setting spray.) 10. Using a glitter base, (you can use lash glue, glitter adhesive, or L.A Splash Eye Shadow Sealer/Base) apply it to a small section of your eyelid then take a small synthetic percision brush and press your glitter on top of the base. 11. Continue applying the glitter adhesive and the glitter until your entire lid is covered. 12. Apply a matte (or shimmery if you want) cream or white eyeshadow directly under the highest point of your brow for a highlight. 13. Apply a shimmery nude eyeshadow to your tear duct blending it upwards. 14. Apply black eyeliner winging out the inner and outer corners, apply this to your upper waterline as well. Also apply silver liner (or silver eyeshadow) to your lower waterline. 15. Set the eyeliner in your tear duct area with the same matte black eyeshadow you used before. Also apply this to the inner half of your lower lash line blending it out. 16. Finally, apply your favorite mascara (and lashes)![:: Hope you like, and find this helpful! ~ Molly.x <3